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Everything you need to create a perfect space for your modern family

A 4-week step by step roadmap through the foundations of design so you can ditch the overwhelm and get the support you need to create a beautiful, functional bedroom space at any budget.

I'm ready for this!
You want beautiful rooms in your home that make you feel happy and relaxed. Yet there are so many details holding you back.

Where do you even start?
How can you find the time for another project?
How can you make the most of your budget? And do you even have a budget?
How can I sort through all the ideas and just pick 1?

Designing a bedroom or any room for that matter isn’t complicated, but it is complex. There are a lot of moving pieces that need to work together to make it great! And that’s where Bedroom Basics comes in.
Online Bedroom redesign by KT-J design

Are you ready to:

  • Gain the confidence to tackle any room in your home

  • Learn how to organize a project and stay on track

  • Love your bedroom space so you can rest, relax and reconnect with yourself

  • Learn how to hone in on your own style and create spaces that reflect it

  • Build foundational design knowledge you can reuse over and over again!

  • Create spaces you are proud to show off!

What’s Inside Bedroom Basics?

Foundational Videos 

We break down design concepts into manageable bite sized chunks of knowledge. I’m talking 10 minutes or less and move on baby!

Simple Modules

Devoted to bringing the design basics to life in a fresh fun way.

Hot tips from a Designer

How to do everyday items with ease. Do you know the proper way to use a tape measure or the Designer secret to making throw pillows look their best? You will soon!

Gorgeous PDF workbooks

Work books from each module that can be combined into a design project binder for reference later


We make the process easier by providing easy to use templates for everything from creating a budget to tracking your to do list.

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Are you wondering..?

Do I really need a course? I could just google it!
Of course you can! Google is amazing. But wouldn't it be nice to have the process and steps all in one place? We all have questions when we try something new? And let’s face it you likely wouldn’t dive into your car's engine and start tinkering around without any mechanical knowledge or at least having done some reading. So why do we believe that Interior Design is something you should just know how to do?

Why the basics?
Because the basics of design is where it all begins. Like the engine in a car, the fundamental theories of design are the building blocks of a beautiful space. Once these are in place the sky's the limit!

I don’t have a large budget for my space, could this work for me?
Absolutely! The knowledge you gain in this course can be used over and over again! You can create a beautiful space on a small budget and still be able to grow and evolve the design as you like.

Redesign your bedroom with KT-J Design's bedroom basics

This design road map was created with modern families in mind! It’s the perfect solution for creating everyday spaces you love because:

Lessons are offered in manageable chunks with PDF worksheets to keep things clear & concise. Got 10 minutes? Perfect, let's learn!

We’re realists over here. And our design ideas are tailored to households just like yours with kids, animals and busy messy lives!

The concepts are simple and can be tailored to your style and budget. We dive into budgeting and how to make the most of your hard earned cash.

"Working with Katie has been wonderful. She’s friendly, professional, punctual, affordable, but most importantly talented."



Stop waiting for one day….. When the kids are grown and you have more time. You can do it, on your own schedule and with any budget! 


I’m here to walk you through the step by step process of creating a bedroom space that you won’t want to close the door on. And with all that knowledge……. It’s only the beginning!


Let's Do This!

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