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Are you a modern family, looking to ditch the overwhelm on your next home project, new build or renovation?

Coaching by Design can teach you how! We bridge the gap between luxury design and affordability with knowledge!

Let's Do This!
You want a beautiful home that makes you feel happy and relaxed when you walk through the door, yet there are so many details holding you back.

But where do you even start?
How can you find the time for another project?
How can you make the most of your budget? And do you even have a budget?
How can you sort through all the ideas and just pick 1?
How can you update a space without adding more chaos to your busy life?
Who do I even call to get started?
These questions are important, and I can tell you, we all have them! Every time you shove just one more thing into that closet and slam the door before it all falls out, you think. There must be a better way.
Redesign of bathroom, get 1:1 coaching from KT-J Design

What you need to know:

  • We create the design for your room, home or reno together. Taking into account your family's style and how you live in your home.

  • We dive deep into your budget to gain a clear understanding of the items most important to you and how to maximize your dollars.

  • You have a pro with you side by side through the process helping you with anything you need. From blueprints for permit to the last picture frame we’ve got you covered.

  • Designer on call means you can have your questions answered by a pro in a timely manner to keep your project on track.

Imagine in 3 months or less we will take your space from chaotic and uninspired to functional and a reflection of you and your family. Working together we will create a roadmap to completing your project in a timeline that works for you. 

No bottlenecks, missed details or overwhelm in site. And the best part?! You decide how involved you want to be through the project. From DIY fanatic to Project Management Master it’s up to you.  And at the end you have a beautiful space that will grow and evolve with your family.

We work together to pinpoint the style you have been honing your entire life.

We dive deep into your budget to truly understand where you will find the most value as a family.

We create smart solutions for everyday hassles that are beautiful and functional!

We create a timeline and map out the steps to have your space completed!

Katie's knowledge has led us through each stage seamlessly. Options,

answers and documentation with her up to date software programs, have been

there every step of the way. Katie knows her stuff, has saved us money, the

tasks are done in a timely manner and she has been a pleasure to work with.

We couldn't be happier.


Shirley & Graham

one room redesign from KT-J design

One Room – 3 Weeks

This is for you if:

  • Your guest room isn’t ready for guests

  • Your nursery or kiddo’s space needs inspiration and a loooot of toy storage

  • Your mudroom looks like a shoe fairy had a bad day
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Functional spaces redesign

Functional Spaces – 10 weeks

This is for you if:

  • Your kitchen cabinets are circa 1979 and not coming back in style any time soon

  • Your tired of bumping into people when you're making dinner

  • If you have to share the bathroom sink one more time there is going to be a domestic dispute!
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new build or complete reno from KT-J design

New Build or Reno 3 months +

This is for you if:

  • Your building your dream home from the ground up and there are sooo many choices

  • You're ready to tackle a home reno. You can still live in the house while you do it right?

  • You need someone to take all your ideas and compile them into a plan for your contractor
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Are you wondering...

I started a major renovation on my home and hired a contractor. Do I still need your help?

Renos are fun and messy and can be overwhelming! Coaching by Design is an excellent option to help you work through the process with your Contractor! I help you hash out the plan for your reno to ensure your contractor has everything they need to complete the job. 

I need blueprints for my new home build. Can you do this?

Coaching by Design is the perfect way to create them in a way that ensures they are designed for your family and how you live in your home. Fill out the questionnaire and we will create a package just for you that includes your new home plans.  

I have a pretty good handle on my project, but would love someone to bounce ideas off of and double check my choices. Is that possible?

You bet! We’re happy to help with your project at any stage. Sometimes a second set of eyes is all you need. Fill out our questionnaire for a quote today.

Coaching by Design Means

We create the design for your space together so you are involved from the very beginning.

You learn about the process of design as we go. So instead of feeling overwhelmed by the whole process you’ll feel empowered! And know that you’re armed with everything you need to make your project a success.

Your Coaching by Design Package is tailored to you personally so you never pay for services you don’t need.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How would it feel to have a tiny designer in your back pocket that you can whip out at a moment's notice (almost like a genie right?!) and ask a quick question on if you should buy that lamp from Home Sense?

Pretty great right?

So ditch the overwhelm and streamline the process with Coaching by Design.  

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