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From Pinterest to Perfection

Your inspiration images transformed into a DIY room plan right to your inbox! 

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You’ve got the itch to redecorate and make your space your own!
But, wow that’s a daunting task!

Where do you even start?

You know what you like…you have the Pinterest boards and magazine clippings to prove it.

 You might not know the name of your style, but you sure as heck have one! 

But bringing everything together and making it look good is a little overwhelming.

Maybe it could be easier? Those inspiration images you’ve been saving up could be put to work! 

What if I told you with a simple email, and those inspirational images, I can help you create a space that you love!

Pinterest inspired living room

Are you ready to:

  • Forget the overwhelm! We create an easy to follow design plan filled with function and beauty tailored to your taste.

  • Feel the excitement of a new project! Our package comes complete with a step by step guide to creating the space. So your armed with the knowledge to complete the project as your time and budget allows.

  • Have a clear end goal! You have an image in front of you of how your space could look. No guessing, just doing.

  • Stop wasting time! Purchase anything you may need with a few easy clicks. No scouring the mall for hours to find the perfect chair or scrolling websites for paint color inspiration.

Pinterest to Perfection is a complete ready for you design package.

Don’t have time to complete the project yourself? You have everything you need to pass off to your contractor for completion! Including:

Mood Board

to easily communicate the feeling
we are trying to create in the space.

Floor Plan

2D floor plan with furniture
placement for easy set up.

Specifications Guide

including paint colors, trim details, hardware. Clear, concise, no confusion.

3D View

of your completed space for easy reference.

Shopping List

complete with links to trusted suppliers.

Direct Communication

via email for questions on set up and execution.

The process is super simple!

Pinterest inspired room created by KT-J design

1. A quick questionnaire from me will help hone in on:

-The overall feel you want to achieve in your space
-Any functionality issues that drive you nuts
-Your likes and dislikes
-Level of hands on you want

2. Provide me with your Pinterest or other inspiration and we put it to work as the guide post in your new design

3.Then by following the step by step guide you will create a rough sketch of the room including measurements and photos. 

4.Cool, that’s the hard part.
Now forget about it for a bit. While I create your custom design!

5. First blush design concept is delivered to your inbox including a design concept/mood board, a 2D floor plan to view the rooms layout and a 3D render / visualisation.

6. At this stage you review the design and make some tweaks if necessary. 

7. The final draft of your room design is delivered to your inbox including mood board, 2D plans/furniture layouts, 3D visualization, paint color selections, shopping list, installation instructions and a tips and tricks guide.

Now it’s time for you to work some magic! Don’t forget to send photos of your completed design!

Seems pretty easy right?

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"Katie has been able to skillfully integrate both my husband and I's style into our renovation plans, and provides a variety of options so you can make an informed decision as to where to focus your budget."


Amber & Jared

Pinterest to Perfection E-Design is for you if:

Your entrepreneurial spirit demands an office that functions like the master multi tasker you are

Your bedroom screams “I need to do laundry” not welcome to my sexy oasis of calm and relaxation

Your kids room looks like the toy box exploded and is that chocolate on the wall?!...... It better be chocolate!

Are you wondering..?

I don’t know anything about design, can this work for me?

Of course! Our step by step guide to creating the space will lead you through the entire process. This package is perfect for someone willing to dive into the project.

How long does the process take

Smaller spaces can take anywhere from 1-3 weeks. For larger more involved spaces we plan for 3-6 weeks.

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So stop staring at the same 4 boring walls!

All you need is your inspiration, a tape measure and a camera!. 

With a little help from me, you will be on your way to creating an amazing space full of function that works for your family in no time!

The hardest part is picking which room to do first!

I'm Ready!

Frequently Asked Questions

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Ready to jump in and create spaces you love, simply, with step by step directions and customized design ideas? Perfect! Contact me to receive a quick questionnaire, so we can ensure you get everything you need to turn those Pinterest dreams into reality!