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What is Coaching by Design?

coaching by design design coaching Dec 22, 2020

Hello and welcome to the KT-J Design! I plan to make this little corner of the internet a Design Hub full of knowledge, inspiration, and simple design solutions for everyday families. Exciting right?! Let’s get started with a little about my favorite thing, Coaching by Design!

You’re probably wondering…. “A coach for designing my house? WTF does that even mean?” Seems a little weird right? But here’s the thing. I am a Designer, Momma, and women on a budget just like you. And after 16+ years in residential design and construction it finally dawned on me that I have been coaching my clients the entire time without even realizing it!

And it is an exciting thing!

I feel for a lot of people there is a stigma around hiring a designer. That only people with zero taste and lots of bucks hire a designer! But it is so far from the truth. 

My goal with Coaching by Design is to bridge the gap between Luxury Design and affordability. How? With knowledge! I think working with my client’s side by side through the design process is the most important part. Whether it’s a one room refresh or a whole home reno or build. The most important aspect of great design is you. And the more you understand the process, the better!



Because no one knows your style better than you! You don’t need a designer telling you what you should like or what’s “In style”. You have a personal style and you have been honing it your entire life. We just have to pinpoint it! 

Because no one is in the trenches with your family looking for lost shoes or stubbing your toes on the second hand coffee table (you hate) like you. So, we tackle those problems head on and create smart solutions for everyday hassles that are beautiful and functional!

Because no one knows the pain of trying to find enough seating for everyone when guests come over. 

Or the exact spot the dog dish needs to be, or he won’t eat. 

So, we design your home together. That way these little details are never lost in the shuffle.

But the biggest piece of the puzzle is that no one can make you feel comfortable with a budget you don’t truly understand. When we walk through the entire process together, creating a budget for your space will seem so much clearer and so much less daunting. Because no matter the size, everyone has a budget! 

Coaching by Design takes your style and budget and teaches you how to create beautiful spaces for the life you're living right now and well into the future.


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